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részleg ▽ ◼◼◼  squirmed. skruvade på sig. socked. slå till.

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0. Of or relating to a selection by vote. adjective. 0. 0. Filled or obtained by election.

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Paraphrases for elective. Opposite words for elective: able to be chosen; other antonyms.

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Elective noun

Adjective. 6 7 8 10 12 15 17 20 24 26 Contents Methodology and Scope Key Themes and Recommendations Good Practice Principles The Existing Research noun An optional academic course or subject. from The Century Dictionary. Chosen by election; dependent on choice; bestowed or passing by election: as, an elective monarchy (one in which the king is raised to the throne by election); the office is elective: opposed to hereditary, or to tenure by appointment. Noun elective has 1 sense. elective (n = noun.act) elective course - a course that the student can select from among alternatives; is a kind of class, For example: If you see 1 Elective Course: Please register 1 If you see 2 Elective Courses: Please register 1 If you see 3 Elective Courses: Please register 2 If you see 4 Elective Courses: Please register 2/3 If you see 5 Elective Courses: Please register 3 Project Fees Undergraduates ₦15,000.00 Post-Graduate Diploma ₦25,000.00 Masters ₦ He dismissed media reports that some elective surgery procedures, including cancer operations, had been postponed as swine flu put pressure on critical care capacity. At Liverpool Women's hospital, for example, the number of mothers who have asked for an elective caesarean with their forthcoming child, because they suffered trauma the last time, has risen 40%.

If something is elective, it is not compulsory and you can chose to not do it. Synonym: elective; My insurance wouldn't pay for the operation because it was elective surgery. Noun What does elective mean? Having the power or authority to elect; electoral. (adjective) The noun ELECTIVE COURSE has 1 sense: 1. a course that the student can select from among alternatives Familiarity information: ELECTIVE COURSE used as a noun is very rare.
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Elector. electoral. electorate.

nounreview course.
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Opposite words for elective: able to be chosen; other antonyms. Noun 1. elective course - a course that the student can select from among alternatives elective course, course of instruction, course of study, class - elective noun, מקצוע או קורס בחירה elective noun, mktzv v kvrs vchyrh Elective is a term used for an academic course chosen by the student from a set of  Translation for 'elective courses' in the free English-Chinese dictionary and many other Chinese translations.

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nounreview course. correspondence course · crash course · distance  ELECTIVE Meaning: "voluntary," from Late Latin electivus, from elect-, past- participle stem of eligere "to See definitions of elective. As a noun, from 1701 . free electives noun, plural— courses from the whole area of Computer Science and a Free Elective with courses that can be chosen from any study at any []. adjective Permitting or involving a choice; optional. noun An optional academic course or subject.

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elective   Type of Noun Definition Sentence Nouns Common Noun Names people, animals , places, and things. A common noun names ordinary things.

en When the election has canonically taken place, the junior Cardinal Deacon summons into the hall of election the Secretary of the College of Cardinals and the Master of Papal Liturgical Celebrations. Find 8 ways to say ELECTIVE COURSE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. NOUN mutism (noun) · elective mutism (noun) · elective mutisms (plural noun) inability to speak, typically as a result of congenital deafness or brain damage. unwillingness or refusal to speak, arising from psychological causes such as depression or trauma. elective 의미, 정의, elective의 정의: 1. voted for or chosen: 2.